Safe Spaces


Detecting People and Managing Items

Agiler creates solutions for safer work and living spaces using wireless IoT and sensor technologies. Our focus is to offer another way to automatically monitor people flow with complete privacy. Our solution can detect people at distance and create information without facial or any other personal information. In item management we help our customers to securely authenticate products or to automate processes for higher efficiency.



Our wireless people detection solution consists of an IoT Sensor device which can trace movement of people without any visual information. Our devices are operating with radio signals and tracing movements of people very accurately. We do not recognize any personal features and guarantee 100% privacy. This way our solutions can be used to monitor spaces where cameras or other optic systems cannot go or they do not meet the requirements.


We offer our customers an easy way to take the complete People Detection or Item Management Solution in to use. Our Services include interfaces for customers own data systems and we also offer tailored dashboards and mobile applications based on end-user requirements. For item management we deliver turn-key solutions including item tags, reading devices, software and hosting.


Global economy requires more sustainable use of natural resources. One way to influence is to evolve circular economy processes by recording the history of a product electronically to it. Agiler delivers IoT (Internet of Things) Item Management solutions for industrial customers. By integrating digital identity to a product it can be traced through its life - hopefully to a new use.



People tracking sensor with high accuracy.

  • Detection of people up to 10m.
  • Anonymous detection.
  • Non-ionizing radio waves. Safe to use.
  • Can see through smoke and mist.
  • WiFi or Mobile Broadband connected.
  • 5V operating voltage.
  • Device and Data as a Service.

Sensor data and event handling in Cloud. Customized dashboards and APIs.

  • Data visualisation tools.
  • Virtual zones and rules.
  • Mobile alert management.
  • Item Management Suite.
  • Device management.
  • REST interface for customer sites.
  • Flexible contracts for different kinds of use cases.

Our Item Management product portfolio includes IoT tags and devices.

  • Industrial IoT Tags (RAIN, NFC).
  • Mobile and stationary readers.
  • Customized Products.
  • Item Management mobile applications.
  • Integration Services with our Partners.
  • IoT Item Management Training

Agiler Headquarters

Our Home Base is located in the city of Nokia - in Finland. An inspirational city with a name known everywhere in the world. Our region is famous of having several leading companies focused on Internet-of-Things. We welcome you to visit us and learn more about our products and services.

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