We are an international consulting and engineering company dedicated to transform inefficiencies to new business. Our services range from business process development to new product creation with the aim to sustainably add value to our customers. We are motivated by the necessity of changing businesses from inefficient linear value chains and wasteful use of resources to service-driven circular economy with the help of latest technologies.


Track & Trace
Our wireless identification products and services enables reliable tracking of items throughout their value chain. By using digital identity in items the users can trace securely the audit trail for safer use and allowing the resources to be used again

Maintenance and Repair Operations
By updating human readable name plates or barcode labels with high performance RFID products our customers can reduce errors caused by missing or erratic information. Smarter identification processes free resources for more productive work and allow our customers to increase the value of their work.

Forest, timber, pulp & paper industry
High volume production processes in timber, paper and pulp industries requires smart use of time and resources. Better visibility and quality control of raw-materials and finished products will not only improve results for the producers but also save valuable natural resources. RFID and IoT solutions enable traceability of origin to avoid illegal deforestation, increase logistics throughput and also automate end users own processes which returns to suppliers as stronger customer relationships.


Business and Process Development
We help our customers to create new value from existing business or to develop new business models and practices.

  • Management consultancy
    • Technology roadmap
    • Change management
  • Project management
  • Sourcing

Product Development
We create products and solutions for various business problems together with our global technology partner network.

  • Site surveys and feasibility studies
  • Proof of concepts
  • Product and process development
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Manufacturing
    • In-house
    • Partnerships


We offer to our customers only carefully selected products from our global partner network. For customers that require more special products Agiler develops and produces them according to the requirements. Our engineering team has over 20 years of experience in development of RFID and IoT products especially for industrial applications.


Our UHF and HF RF.ID tags are designed and manufactured for industrial purposes and to offer best-in-class performance in all conditions.


Our portfolio of readers and accessories meet the industry standards and are available with various configurations for different customer requirements.

Secure Traceability of People and Assets

Radio frequency based traceability technology can increase safety and efficiency in various applications where visual identification is limited by its line of sight. The different markets for radio frequency based solutions are growing rapidly and ranging from logistics to the safety solutions of products and people. For instance traceability technologies of consumer goods is a market of over 10 billion USD. From that the wireless identification solutions are the fastest growing segment with over 15 percent annual growth. Radio frequency identification (RFID) offers tremendous benefits in locating and tracing assets as hundreds of items can be identified instantly, without directly seeing them directly and each item can be labelled with an unique serial number.

For secure traceability of people privacy concerns are creating new limitations for camera and other optical traceability solutions especially in such environments where camera based surveillance is not generally accepted. By using smart radio frequency based traceability solutions by Agiler, people can have the choice of being traced for safety purposes while staying anonymous. In such events where the identity is also needed, our radio frequency based solutions can provide unique identifier to each person without directly revealing the identity details or visual images. Several technologies are combined to offer the optimal solution for various customer needs and we are working closely with our strategic customers with highest confidentiality.


Sustainable success with Circular Economy and wireless identification technologies

A circular economy is an approach that aims to ensure that resources are kept in productive use as long as possible. To be able to collect and utilize materials economically and more productively than in a conventional linear economy, reliable identification and history of the materials is required.

By adding intelligence to products the leading innovation companies have begun to adopt new circular approaches to use resources and to create succesful new business models. The key differentiation between the high-growth and withering enterprises will be the ability to design in circular economy processes to their operations. Ability to design in products new life after every use, and to be able to recover and recycle the materials requires digital transformation of a company’s business in many levels. Therefore implementation of wireless identification technologies is one important element in the circular approach.

Agiler is a renowned partner in developing new circular business models and solutions together with our customers. A typical project is constructed of parallel phases where business and operational processes are developed. For example a gradual transformation from a linear to a circular process of a manufacturer starts by identifying materials and products with unique wireless identification and develops towards a more intelligent, complete solution from sourcing throughout the use of products to collection and re-use.

Unique Digital Signature

  • By giving a unique digital identity with a RFID tag the history of a product becomes available for different contributors in the circular economy from production to re-use.
  • Greater value can be created within the cycle by combining the digital identities with the history that can be accessed in collaborative clouds.

Asset tracking

  • Manufacturers can use the various features of RFID technology in the processes to optimize material flows as well as improve the visibility of their processes.
  • Reliable identification and tracking of products with RFID from manufacturing to distribution and use reduces transportation costs, down-times and significantly increases the end users ability to enhance their own business efficiency.

Intelligent Products

  • Adding intelligence to business processes by unique identification and collected information over the life-span of a product reduces the need for resources while improving the safety, performance and value of business processes.
  • Open-minded organizations are already gaining competitive advantage and increased their business by adopting the new service models of circular economy.
  • Hire & leasing: Pay by use increases amount of reachable customers and revenue streams
  • Performance based maintenance: Sensor data collection from products in use optimizes need for maintenance and provides actual quality information to manufacturers.
  • Asset management: streamlined and error-free order to delivery processes save resources and increase availability of assets to create more business.

About Us

The track record of our team over the last two decades stands as proof of our solid experience in wireless identification technologies and mastering of industrial grade solutions. We look forward to be your trusted partner in business and process development. Our team will work closely with you to plan and deliver innovative IoT products and services to accelerate your growth.

Our way of working is based on agile methods of casting ideas to concrete models that can be efficiently taken in to practices in various applications. And where we don’t see a square fitting to a round hole we will not sell it to you. That is a value promise that will surpass all others as the success of our business will be based on the agility to deliver fit-for-purpose products and services to our customers.

Agiler’s vast global partner network is also enabling high quality service and accurate support at site when needed. We are proud to be known of our agiler methods to help our clients to reach their goals faster. We stand by our clients when implementing the chosen products and services.


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Latest News


(19.9.2018) Welcome to our new web pages

Our new website is now serving better our existing and new customers to find latest products, services and news. For us the internet is a place for knowledge sharing and you will now find also our views of the market and areas of interest which we consider to be important to us and our customers. Therefore our focus is to highlight the importance of sustainable operations in all business environments. We promote wireless technologies to increase efficiency while reducing errors and waste of natural resources.

(18.9.2018) New products launched

Agiler expands the industrial product solution portfolio with industrial grade RF.ID plates. Products have been developed based on industrial standards used in the fixed asset management applications in utility market. For example power and water plants have strict requirements for maintenance operations. Service operators need to locate fast and without errors the parts that need maintenance. Agiler offers a range of RF.ID plates with UHF and NFC tags and also standards compliant marking for the maintenance operations.

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Trustech, Cannes France. 27.-29.11.2018

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ALIHANKINTA – SUBCONTRACTING FAIR, Tampereen Messu- ja Urheilukeskus, Pirkkala 25.–27.9.2018

Kiertotalouden liiketoimintamallit valmistavassa teollisuudessa, Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland 19.9.2018

PacTec, Helsinki Finland 29.-31.5.2018

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